Jujutsu Kaisen Section 214 full rundown out! Know extremely significant subtleties, jujutsu kaisen action figure

Section 200 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga denoted the start of another story curve, which will go on in the impending Part 214. In front of the arrival of the new part, the spoilers propose that Hana might be in for a terrible development and that there will be an extreme battle among Yuji and Sukuna, for certain unsavory trades between them. Here is the synopsis of the Jujutsu Kaisen Section 214.

· The section is named “Intrepid Belly Section 6” and gets the latest relevant point of interest. The title probably alludes to the continuous fight among Sukuna and Yuji, which happens in the belly like climate made by the reviled belly.

· Kana is in Sukuna’s grip, and tragically, she loses her hand. Sukuna loses her a structure, and it appears to be that nobody is there to protect her. This second sets a dim and perilous tone for the section.

· Yuji can’t save Kana and observes vulnerably as she falls.

· Yuji then, at that point, participates in a wild fight with Sukuna, and his strong leap breaks down piece of the structure.

· Sukuna is shocked to see Yuji doing fine after his strong punch and the battle between the two starts.

· Sukuna uncovers he realizes Yuji is Kenjaku’s child and effectively counters his assaults.

· Sukuna utilizes his Divide assault on Yuji, harming him gravely, and puts down him for being powerless.

· Yuji becomes incensed and handles areas of strength for a to Sukuna’s face.

· Megumi is battling Sukuna from within, and Sukuna understands his revile yield is declining.

We will concoct more spoilers when it comes. Jujutsu Kaisen Section 214 will deliver on Sunday, February 26th at 7:00 AM. Fans can peruse every one of the distributed sections of the Japanese manga Jujutsu Kaisen Part on the authority manga stages, including Viz Media/Shonen Hop and Manga In addition .

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